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Music Therapy: An Introduction

2ª Edição - 2000

Jacqueline Schmidt Peters

Charles Thomas Publishers


An Introduction to Music Therapy: Theory and Practice

William B. Davis, Kate Gfeller and Michael Thaut

Dubuque, Indiana: W.C. Brown Publishers, 1992

ISBN 0697120473


Compêndio de Musicoterapia, vols I e II

Serafina Ploch Blasco

Edições Herder, Barcelona, 1999


Defining Music Therapy

Segunda edição

Keneth Bruscia

Barcelona Publishers © 1998

ISBN 1-891278-07-X


Case Studies in Music Therapy

Keneth Bruscia

Barcelona Publishers, 1991

ISBN 0-9624080- 1-8


Improvisational Models of Music Therapy

Ken Bruscia

Springfield, USA: Charles C. Thomas, 1987

ISBN 0398052727


Key Concepts in the Orff Music Therapy: Definitions and Examples

Gertrude Orff

London: Schott, 1989

ISBN 0946535108


Music in Therapy

Thayer Gaston (Ed.) ? nova edição

New York: McMillan © 1968


Music Therapy in Health and Education

Margaret Heal and Tony Wigram (Eds.)

Philadelphia: Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 1993

ISBN: 185302175X


Clinical Applications of Music Therapy in Developmental Disability, Pediatrics and Neurology

Tony Wigram and Jos de Backer (Eds.)

Jessica Kinsgley Publishers, 1999

ISBN 1-85302-734-0


Clinical Applications of Music Therapy in Psychiatry

Tony Wigram and Jos De Backer (Eds.)

Jessica Kinsgley Publishers, 1999

ISBN 1-85302-733-2




Para consulta aprofundada de temas específicos como certos tipos de patologia ou certas técnicas:


British Journal of Music Therapy

British Society for Music Therapy (Associação Britânica de Musicoterapia)


Journal of Music Therapy

National Music Therapy Association (NAMT) Associação Americana de Musicoterapia


The Arts and Psychotherapy

Elsevier Science

The Netherlands


Revue Française de Musicothérapie

Associação Francesa de Musicoterapia

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